Thursday, August 20, 2009


50 Shilin
Front:Red-Brown & multicolour walled city at centre & left,arms at top left centre.
Back:Watering animal at centre right.
Watermark:Syed Muhammed Abdullah Hasan.


10 Dinars
Front:Red,Brown & multicolour,Sheep at left Peacook at right.
Back:Seated elderly man at left, ornate building at right.
Watermark:Amir Abdul Qadir repeatedly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


50 Piastres
Front:Green,Blue & Olive on multicolour underprints,Al-Azhar University Mosque on right.
Back:Sculptures wall design at left,Ramses 2 at centre,archaic seal at right.
Watermark:Tutankhamen's mask.

I Pound 1990
Front:Brown,Purple & deep Olive green on multicolour underprints,Sultan Qaitbay Mosque on centre left.
Back:Statues from Abu Simbel Temple.
Watermark:Tutankhamen mask.

1 Pound note gifted by AFFAN BAHADUR KHAN


I Dinar 1972
Front:Blue on multicolour underprints,Mosque at left.
Back:Hilltop fortress .
Watermark:Arms(Heraldic Eagle).

1/4 Dinar 1981
Front:Green on multicolourunderprints ruins at left.
Back:Fortress and palms at centre right.
Watermark:Heraldic Eagle.

1 Dinar 1981
Front:Green on multicolour underprints,Mosque at left.
Back:Interior of mosque at centre right.
Watermark:Heraldic Eagle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


1/4 Dinar 1973-1978
Front:Harbour at centre.
Back: Palm trees at centre.
Watermark:Falcon's head.

25 Dinars -1982
Front:Three arabian horses at centre,date below signature at loer right.
Back:Abbasid palace.
Watermark:Arabian horse's head.

100 Dinars -1994
Front:Dark blue on light blue and multicolour underprint,Al-Ukhether castle at centre, Saddam Hussein at right.
Back:Baghdad clock at centre.
Watermark: Printed Falcon's head.
a1.First diacritical mark in the text of the denomination is above the first letter from the right which fluoreces.


1 Dinar
Front:Telecommunication centre in Kuwait city at left,arms at right.
Back:Old fortress.
Watermark:Dhow,security thread.


5 Riyals 1973
Front:Dark brown on lilac & multicolour underprints,arms in circle at right.
Back:National Museum at left.
Watermark:Falcon's head

I Riyal -1996
Front:Brown on multicolour underprints, Arms at right.
Back:Boat beached at left,Ministry of Finance ,King palace in background at centre.
Watermark:Falcons head.
Security thread :Qatar Monetary Agency.


100 Baiza
Front:Arms at the right.
Back:Brown on blue,green underprints.

Monday, August 17, 2009

United Arab Emirates

1 Dirham
Front:Camel caravan,Dhow,palm trees & oil derricks at left.
Back:Police station at centre,Dubai clock tower at right.
Watermark:Arabian Horse Head.


5 Livres
Front: Buildings at right.
Back: Bridge over Kalb.
Watermark: Ancient Galley.


1 Dinar 2005
Front:Sharif Hussein Ibn Ali at right,Silver coins at bottom right.
Back:Great Arab Revolt Scene.
Watermark:Sharif Hussein Ibn Ali , holographic thread.